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The Middle East Coatings Show, World Trade Centre Dubai April 16-18 2024.

Surfex Coatings Show, Coventry Building Society Arena June 4-5 2024

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Ibérica de Componentes Químicos S.L. 

ICQ is a supplier of chemicals and support to the coatings industry based in the north of Spain.

Working closely with partners in the UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, China and India we offer a wide range of products and services 

Key products include:

Alkyd resins

Epoxy resins & curing agents

Salicylic acid

Benzyl alcohol

Anti corrosive pigments

Paint driers & Additives

Anti skin (MEKO)

Chain stopping agents (Benzoic Acid)

Sodium benzoate / Lithium benzoate

Bisphenol A


Specialist filler